Sara Louviere is an interactive 3D artist. She is based in Denver, where she earned her BFA with emphasis in 3D graphics and animation. She is passionate about creating new and fun ways for people to play with technology.


A few of the places my art has been seen

First Friday

  • Denver Art Walk
  • Santa Fe / Rhino Arts Districts
  • Interactive Projections
  • 2013-2016

The Tin Shop

  • Artist's Residency
  • Breck Create Arts District
  • Interactive Projections
  • September 2016

Auraria Campus

  • What Happens in Space
  • Arts Building
  • Interactive Projections
  • December 2015


Some examples of my work


Some of the projects that I've worked on

  • All
  • Projection
  • Interactive
  • Fabrication
The Tin Shop Interactive Projection Mapping
Cloudy Interactive Particle Simulation
Gemstone Sculpture 3D printed with LEDs and motion sensor
What Happens In Space Collaborative Art Installation on Auraria Campus
Tin Shop Sculpture 3D printed, motion sensored
Constellations Installation User represented as stars onto custom rear-projection screen